Need to get in touch with me?

For those who wish to get in touch with me, I can be reached via e-mail and on AIM.  Please bear with me though, as I'm a fairly busy dragon.  That being said, I can't always respond to contacts immediately.  Thus,   if  I can't get to you right away, just bear with me.

E-mail :

AIM : KayproMk4

YouTube PM : RoahmMythril

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ON SKYPE.  I prefer to keep my contacts there fairly minimal.  Of the messaging programs I have, Skype tends to be the most intrusive when I'm doing other things, so I prefer to keep my contacts there to just close personal friends.

I also have a couple of social media sites I've joined up with, so you can follow me there too if you want :

Twitter :

Tumblr :