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Recent Updates :

03/31/2020 - Headache or no, we're getting this posted!

2020's definitely going out of its way to be a thing, isn't it?  Hoo boy...  Things lately with all the bombardment of bad news, it's been highly stressful.  I admit, it's easy to just lose myself in casual gaming to get my mind off it.  Mostly I've been playing Animal Crossing as of late, which has been quite charming and fun.

That being said, I'm going to try to get some practice going to get the first bits of Secret of Evermore going soon.  A lot of the tough part is researching "permanently missables" and seeing how many of them I really care about all that much.  Which... yeah, some are complicated.  At least early on things shouldn't be TOO bad.  But it's been awhile since I've played this game, so getting used to it again might be a process, haha.

Anyway, updates :

- The Projects page has been updated with the end of Mega Man Rock 'n Roll and the leadup to Secret of Evermore.

- The Library has been updated with some new Switch games I got off the eShop, as well as the donation of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends from Iwantdevil, and Xenogunner on PC from HappyFrogGames.

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  In these uncertain times, I am extremely thankful to everyone for their support.

02/29/2020 - Durgon is 39 now!  (party horns)

Overall, this has been a fairly decent month.  The usual ups and downs, and I wish we'd have a little less rain if only so our front yard would dry out, but I feel like overall I've been in a better place emotionally for the most part.

Birthday stuff was pretty great, delicious homemade pizza, and I got Pokémon Shield and DOOM for the Switch.  I also got a set of old Blondie movies, I used to watch those with my mum, so a bit of a nice nostalgia thing.

Channel-wise, Zelda II is officially complete.  Currently I'm posting the blind run I recorded of Mega Man : Rock 'n Roll, a fangame I greatly enjoyed playing through.  Next up we'll be resuming the Let's Vote 2 list with Secret of Evermore.

Now if only I didn't have jury duty to worry about in a couple of weeks...

Anyway, updates!

- The Projects list has been updated with the completion of Zelda II, and the current work on the Rock 'n Roll blind run.

- The Library has been updated with DOOM and Pokémon Shield on Switch.  I also reserved Animal Crossing : New Horizons.  Also, Ark gifted me a copy of Talisman Digital Edition on Steam.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with a new work by takumi!  My thanks for the new piece!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My eternal thanks for your continued support.  I greatly appreciate it!

01/31/2020 - Another year, another "time to clear out all the previous year's updates for the archives."  And... honestly it was hard doing so this year.  

Every year when I do this, I re-read the previous year's updates, just kind of refreshing myself on what all happened.  Last year of course involved the loss of my mum, so going back over those events again... that was unpleasant.  Just seeing how fast it happened, her first getting sick in mid May, and then passing away in mid June...  It felt longer than that when it happened.

There's also the fact that I tend to begin each of these "first update of the year" things with "may this year be better than the last."  I lost my step-uncle in 2018, and hoped 2019 would be better.  Various downer moments in 2017 made me hope 2018 would be better...  You ever get the feeling somewhere along the line you were cursed without realizing it?

The refresher course also made me realize I've been "working" on Zelda II since November, though to be fair, a lot of November and December was taken up by the bank fiasco, holiday stuff, and working on title card assets.  Thankfully at least, once Zelda II is done, my next planned project is a blind run that should hopefully thus be "record the whole game in one go, then just edit the footage and post it all in quick succession."

At this rate, do I dare hope for better times ahead...?  Anyway, site updates yo :

- The Archives have been updated with all the 2019 update records.

- The Library has been updated with the acquisition of A Hat in Time and Yu-Gi-Oh! : Legacy of the Duelist for the Switch.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with three new works.  My thanks to the fan artists!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My eternal gratitude for your continued support.