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Recent Updates :

12/30/2017 - Hoo boy... 2017 has been a thing, that's for sure o.o;;

So explanation for anyone that doesn't follow my social media and still checks out site updates, at the moment, I am unable to upload large video files due to some issue with my net connection.  Unfortunately, fixing that has taken a back seat to my step-uncle being stuck in the hospital.  He has fluid on his lungs due to pneumonia, as well as some liver damage.  The liver expert has said thankfully it's not that bad, and hopefully they can get things healed up.

Due to these events, we've also basically put Christmas on hold, quite understandable, it just wouldn't have felt right opening presents and such with people stuck in the hospital.  So while an update at this time would usually include my Library updating with things I got for the holidays, that too shall be on hold for a bit.

At least Groose is up and running, my room is a good deal less cluttered, I have good friends and family, so definitely a count your blessings thing.  All the same, let's hope 2018 is a better year all around.

Site updates go!

- The Projects page has been updated with a note about the current holdup.  It's the frustrating part about not being able to even really do a video update to make sure everyone knows what's going on...

- The Library has been updated with a donation from LeoSmashRoyale, a copy of Megaman Battle Network 5 : Double Team for the DS!  I also got a few games on the Switch eShop.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with a whopping 65 new pieces!  My thanks to everyone who sent in art and well wishes for what has been a rather trying holiday season.

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new supporters and backers.  My deepest thanks and gratitude for your continued support!

11/29/2017 - At long last, Groose lives!  And new videos are going up!  Amazing!  It feels super great to get back to work.  And hopefully the comment section will stay calm this time.  Please?  I'd really like finally getting back to work to not have problems with the comment section getting out of hand again, yo.  Let the durgon be happy to get back to work.

For those wondering, yeah, no way I'm taking December off this year, not after a forced half year off.  My concept of time, I'm telling you, it did not feel like THAT long.  I was thinking maybe three tops, but six months I've been told?  Man Groose took some time, but he's totally worth it.

Unfortunately my Roxio capture device doesn't work quite as I'd hoped, but Pink has some mad science plans to see if we can get it to work out.  That will be a bit down the road though as I'll need more equipment for that.  Still at least now I can record PC and emulator stuff again, and I'm looking forward to doing stuff again.

And now, updates! :

- The Projects page has been updated with the current series, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Blind.

- The Library has been updated with a few amiibos I had reserved arriving, plus my copies of the new Pokemon games.  Also, I have Cuphead now.

- The Fan Art page has been updated with 44 new pics from Jon Causith.  Thank you so much for your continued support and friendship.

10/29/2017 - It's my life, but it's Murphy's law.  One of these days, man, one of these days, we're going to get an update that will be more than just "well, here's what's causing delays now."  Fingers crossed, soon, we're at least seeing light at the end of the tunnel of the current delay.

So those who have been following my Tumblr or seen some recent posts on the channel might already know this, but my step uncle is currently in the hospital.  The whole thing started with a strange incident of his heart rate spiking, yet it not feeling off to him.  He also had bad coughing fits.  So, we take him to the hospital.  After scanning him, they find he has fluid in his lungs.  Yet they seem more focused on boosting his platelet count so they can put him on a blood thinner of some sort.

Finally after a few days, they drain the fluid from his lungs.  Imagine a bottle of soda with... maybe one or two glasses poured out of it.  That's how much they took out of his lungs, one and a half liters.  They also put him on antibiotics for pneumonia, which helped, and they also put a maintenance sort of medicine into the mix to help with his heart rate, they got the levels right there.

Unfortunately?  They then found he had some sort of intestinal blockage.  Fun times.  Thankfully it seems this may have progressed, and from what I understand, there's hope that potentially he'll get to come home tomorrow, so we'll have to see how that goes.

Just to add to the fun, the hospital workers seem to have some sort of cold going around, and both my uncle and my mum caught it.  I'm honestly kind of surprised I haven't managed to catch it, but hey, thankful all the same.  So I've been doing what I can to help out around the house since largely I've been the only one here, so I've been having to take care of all the pets, some basic household maintenance type stuff... it's been a busy few weeks o.o;  I'd really like things to settle down so I can get things up and running o.o;;

At the current point in time, I've been playing mostly Pokémon, though a couple of days ago, Ark surprised me with Super Mario Odyssey, so I've been playing that.  It is super fun, and has been making me super happy during the last couple of days with everything going on.  Yay super fun distractions!

And now, updates :

- The Library has been updated with Ark's gift of Super Mario Odyssey, a few of my reserved amiibos that came in, my reservation of the Shovel Knight amiibo 3 pack, getting Shovel Knight on the Switch (hoping maybe it will be better for recording purposes), and my first Monster Hunter Stories amiibo, Qurupeco & Dan.  My wishlist has also been locked down for now due to the usual family agreements to prevent gift conflicts and such.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 13 new images from Jon Causith.  Thanks for the awesome artwork!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My thanks for your continued support!

09/28/2017 - Hey, slight progress!  Things are still a mess, but the shelf is finally done and fully installed.  One step closer to Groose time.  The next major thing I have to do is my shopping trip to Best Buy.  Things have still been busy though.

So, continuing on from the last update where we had Hurricane Harvey heading our way, luckily, we didn't get hit too badly where I live.  However, areas around us did still take a lot of rain, there was a lot of flooding, power outages, etc.  We were super lucky.  My uncle's friend however was not so fortunate.  Thankfully, he, his mum, and their cat got out safely, but their home got hit by flooding.  Despite their trailer being a good four feet elevated off the ground, the trailer had six inches of water in it by the time they were evacuated.

My uncle has thus been over there, helping them get fixed up and able to live there again.  At times he's been home, he has been working to help me out as well, so it's just the situation as usual, other things do take priority and very understandably, so progress is happening, it's just still been slow.  Once I get the shopping trip done though, the last few things should fall into place pretty quickly, at least I hope so.

Some have wondered what this means for an October project, and honestly, it may just be skipped this year, as once Groose is set up, I will have to learn how to use OBS for recording, as well as any new software I'll have to learn, such as whatever video editor I'll have.  I also have to try installing my other capture device to see if that works, or if I'll have to hunt for a new one.  At least, however, things ARE progressing.  I'm eagerly looking forward to getting back to work.

In the meantime, I've just been messing with Pokémon stuff, trying to get another box full done before Ultra Sun and Moon.  And here, my weird luck shows itself again.  In the process of breeding a box full of 30 eggs to work from, I ended up with three shinies within about two weeks : an Alolan Geodude found while SOS chaining, and a Sandygast and a Jangmo-o while breeding.  What even is my luck sometimes?

Anyway, updates :

- The Library page has been updated with some new games, the donation of three recent Kirby games from Jon Causith, Majora's Mask 3D from beedolphin, and my own purchase of BYE-BYE BOXBOY.  Also some amiibo additions and rearranging, what with Shovel Knight no longer being a standalone, the arrival of my Samus and Metroid two pack, and the arrival of my first Japan-only amiibo, Qbby!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new supporters and backers.  As ever, I am eternally grateful for your continued support.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 16 new pics from Jon Causith.  My thanks for the art rush during some difficult times!

08/24/2017 - Welp, with all the rain we've been having as of late, I guess it was bound to happen, but now we have a hurricane bearing down on us.  Hopefully it won't be TOO bad, forecasts show it hitting a bit south of us and mainly just being a tropical storm by the time it gets back up to where we are, so hopefully it's just going to mean more rain.  i.e., business as usual.

That being said, at least during a slight bit of good weather we had, the shelf is mostly done.  The mounting bracket still needs to be finished up, but at least, progress is being made.  Of course now we have hurricane stuff going on, so..... yeesh.

Best to get site updates done before any chance of extended power outtage.

- The Library page has been updated with... really a good number of things, mostly due to having sold off an old NES game I didn't really like, but that had a pretty high sale price.  I got Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon reserved, as well as the Chrom amiibo, and I bought Hey! Pikmin and got two more amiibos for the collection, Mega Yarn Yoshi and Majora's Mask Link.  Also, thanks to some surprise eShop funds from Kit, I bought Sonic Mania and Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My most sincere thanks for your continued support and patience through all this, I hope to make it worth everyone's while as soon as I can finally get things finished and get back to making videos.

- The Fan Art page has been updated with a whopping 32 pics from Jon Causith, results of various art challenges he's been doing.  My thanks for all the nice fan art, it's been nice to look at with all this mess going on!

07/30/2017 - Hngh.... I feel sad looking at last month's update and realizing that the Groose situation is exactly as it was a month ago.  Mostly this is due to weather keeping my uncle from being able to actually finish staining and treating the shelf due to it needing to dry outside, and we've been having lots and lots of rain.  Also the continued "summer of everything breaking" hasn't helped, but... yeah, it's been slow, and frustrating...  I want to let the Groose loose o.o;  Hopefully soon...

The situation also makes these updates a little tricky in the sense of... not much being there to talk about o.o;  That being said, with all this going on and production being so slow lately, I sincerely want to thank all my friends, fans, and viewers for your continued support and understanding.  I promise, as soon as Groose is up and running, I'm getting schooled on OBS, getting things installed, and getting back to work.  I seriously miss it o.o;

And now, updates.

- The Library page has been updated with several new amiibos that arrived in the mail, as well as a couple of games : Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D thanks to Beedolphin, and I also snagged a copy of Super Bomberman R.

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My sincere thanks for your continued support and patronage!

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 10 new images.  My thanks to all who sent in new work!

06/28/2017 - It's been a slow month to be sure, but at least things ARE progressing with Groose.  The shelf I need installed is currently all beveled and ready for the sealant and stain and all that.  Once it's installed, the current workstation moves over to that side of the room, the new one gets put together over here, and Groose finally takes the stage.  I'm looking forward to getting everything set up and ready to go, I really want to get back to work on projects o.o;  Another of those periods where I'm taking a break that is not particularly by choice, haha.  At least we're almost there though.

In the meantime, I've mostly been playing Breath of the Wild.  I finally got around to finishing the main game, also found all the shrines, collected all the clothing and horse gear I can get (still missing things locked behind either amiibos I don't have or the DLC).  Lynels still strike me as the most dangerous things in the game, haha.

Anyway, here's hoping for a more active month to come.  Meanwhile, updates :

- The Library has been updated with various reserved amiibos.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 3 new pieces.  My thanks to everyone for their new work!

- The Patreon page has been updated with new backers.  My thanks for your continued support!

05/28/2017 - The studio (a.k.a. my room) is still quite a mess at the moment, though I've taken things about as far as I can in the room renovations without getting help from my uncle.  Unfortunately, he's been super busy as of late.  Be it helping his friend with house remodeling, or helping my step uncle repair his broken down truck, it's been super busy times as of late.

The good news however is the new system HAS arrived here.  So hopefully I can get it set up soon.  A lot of people have been asking me for a specs rundown, so I looked up my old conversations with Pink while we were getting it ordered.  So here's the breakdown :

Case Lighting : Green LED
Case Fans : Standard Case Fans
Power Supply : 850 watt EVGA SuperNova G3
Motherboard : ASRock Z270M Extreme4
System Cooling : ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 120 Sealed Liquid Cooling System for 1151 Socket
Processors : Intel Core i7 7700K Quad-Core 4.2GHz (4.5GHz TurboBoost)
Graphic Cards : Single 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Memory : 16GB ORIGIN PC DDR4 Powered by Kingston 2666MHz (2 X 8GB)
Operating System : MS Windows 10 Home
Hard Drive One (Operating System Drive #1) : 250GB Samsung 850 Evo Series
Hard Drive Two : 1TB ORIGIN PC Approved Hard Drive
Audio : Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Rx mATX
Networking : Onboard Network Port
Primary Display : ASUS 24" VS248H-P LED Monitor

...and his name is Groose.

With Mag Mammal done, I'm going to be focusing on trying to get the room renovations done.  The channel will be going on a hopefully short hiatus until this is done and the new system is ready to go.  I'll still be active over on Tumblr and such however.

With that done, time for updates!

- The Library has been updated with various reserved amiibos, as well as the donation of the Archer Link and Bokoblin amiibos.  Thank you, Beedolphin!

- The Projects page has been updated with the completion of Mag Mammal.

- The Fan Art page has been updated with 13 new images.  My thanks to everyone for sending in new work!

04/28/2017 - So Dragonsoft Studios is a right mess at the moment.  Essentially, my room is rather in a jumbled state while I'm trying to organize and make space for the new workstation and new computer.  The system itself, I haven't gotten any new word on it since the notice about it being in stress testing.  Hoping to hear more about that soon.  As things stand though, there are piles and piles of old VHS tapes I've been sorting through to make more space to store things from my old workstation so I can get rid of that so I can move my current workstation and put in a new one for the new computer and I swear this all makes sense in my mind.  Frazzled durgon is frazzled.

This has all been keeping me pretty solidly occupied.  One of those things, I held off on this longer than I should have.  It's only by the grace of the system taking longer than assumed to get here that I even still have time to get it done o.o;  One of those things, I have to admit, back in grade school, I was one of those that had a bad habit of leaving projects until the last minute...  What is it about a deadline that makes leaving things to the last minute feel somehow appealing...?

Anyway, site updates time yo.

- The Library has been updated with the donation of Super Mario 3D World.  My thanks to arisuvixen!  Also, I have a few upcoming amiibos reserved.

- The Fan Art page has been updated with 11 new images.  My thanks to everyone for the lovely art!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  As always, I am grateful for your continued support!

03/26/2017 - Welp, when it rains, it pours.  After 8 years of service, my Gamebridge has officially carked it.  As such, Resident Evil is back on hold once again, and I'm back to recording just what I can emulate or PC specific games.  As such, I'm currently doing a blind run of the original Make a Good Mega Man Level contest results.

Given I'm in the process of getting a new system, I don't want to use up extra funds on another Gamebridge for a system I won't be using for recording purposes for that much longer.  On that note, early April, once the next Patreon pledges arrive, I should be able to afford my new system.  Pink, Chompie and I have been looking into it, and I think we have a nice system picked out that should hopefully pave the way to various improvements, such as using OBS for recordings, having new editing options, etc.

On the more positive side of things, I have my Nintendo Switch now, and have been enjoying the games I have for that.  Hopefully once the new system is up and running, I will have a capture device that can accept HDMI input, and if so, it's a system I'd definitely like to record some projects from.  The annoying thing is, after a recent storm we had, it did that annoying thing where it's screwed up some parts of our internet, and my Switch can't seem to connect at the moment despite doing so just fine earlier on.  Kinda weird yo.

Update time :

- The Projects page has been updated with the current project of MaGMML 1.  As well as the news about the Gamebridge issue.

- The Library has been updated with my Switch games, as well as the donation of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.  Thank you beedolphin for the game!

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 4 new pieces of art.  My thanks to everyone who sent in new work!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My thanks for your continued support!

02/28/2017 - Hnnnnnngh.....  So this month, it has been a thing.  As is the case with LPs, I like to end on a positive note, so getting the bleh out of the way first.

Okay, first we have the one that's been plaguing me all month.  Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom (that is to say, their desire to force people to upgrade and buy new systems), is shutting down the version of Skype I use.  I got an e-mail about it at the start of the month, warning me I would need to upgrade Skype by March 1st to continue using it.  The problem there is that, if I DO upgrade Skype, it won't let me sign on at all, not even for text chat.  So, if indeed Skype goes boom tomorrow, there's not a lot I can do about it.  Thankfully, my good friend Bandanastan (who is an awesome person) was kind enough to order a Chromebook for me.  While you can't really install a good version of Skype on it, you CAN install Discord, so I have that up and running, though it took me awhile to get that figured out.  It should hopefully suit my needs.

Another one that was looming for most of the month was that I had jury duty yesterday.  So it went through the usual process of "check the site after working hours on the last work day before your court date," and it confirmed I had to go in.  And boy, they don't want to let you forget it.  I got e-mailed by the court system once a day during the weekend with YOU ARE REQUIRED TO REPORT FOR JURY DUTY.  Yes, I get it already o.o;  Suffice it to say, yesterday sucked.  I talked about this one on my Tumblr, but long story short, due to my inability to make myself go to sleep earlier than usual, I was on about three hours of sleep.  Once I got up there, I got called in for a panel on a pretty depressing case, and during questioning, the defense asked questions that made me hit a point where I couldn't objectively keep the defendant's "innocent until proven guilty" presumption in mind, the questions just painted too much of a picture that made me feel like I couldn't possibly remain objective and unbiased, so I was thanked for my honesty and released.  And then tried to get a nap back home and woke up less than an hour later and feeling even worse...  Yeah, yesterday was not a good day.

Other than that, just been feeling kinda meh in general, I think a lot of it though dealt with the above issues.  Also slightly annoyed that my local Gamestop apparently is not doing the midnight launch event for the Switch, I was hoping to pick one up that way, but alas, I'll have to wait until stores restock, whenever that is.

So with all that said, onto the good things, of course there is the Chromebook and getting Discord to work on it, so that's nice.  Also I have completed my 36th lap around the sun.  Old durgon is old.  I did get quite a few amiibos for my birthday though, as well as reservations for a couple of Switch games and the promise of getting said system sooner or later, so that is at least an inevitability.  And hey, at least jury duty is over until they decide to bug me again.  And there was at least the funny moment during the court visit in which one of the other potential jurors was named, I kid you not, Barry Burton.  Just imagine for a moment, the lawyer holding up evidence, and hearing from the jury box "H-WHAT IS THIS?"

And so, site updates :

- The Projects page has been updated with Spyro 2 being fully completed.

- The Library page has been updated with several new amiibos I got for my birthday, a couple of Skylanders games I got while adding to the amiibo collection, and the donation of a Lenovo Chromebook (thanks so very much Bandanastan!).  A new section has also been added for the Nintendo Switch, since getting that will happen sooner or later.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 12 new pieces of art.  My thanks to everyone who sent in new work!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My thanks for your continued support!

01/26/2017 - So anyone out there having that usual problem of writing 2016 still?  I've actually been doing pretty good about it.

So welcome to a new year!  Been one of those days where I'm having a hard time focusing on things, but at least finally got this knocked out.  It'll be the 27th by the time I actually get this uploaded, but darn it, I started working on the update on the 26th, so I'm counting it as that!  Or something!

So recent various developments, it seems Pokémon Bank updated, but alas, didn't solve some of the issues I really hope get patched in Sun and Moon itself, namely the lack of an in-game National Dex, or the large number of still missing Mega Stones.  Those at the very least, I know they exist in the game's code, I mean, how else could Battle Royal / Battle Tree trainers use non Alolan Mega Evolutions?  Also a little sad that my six Cosplay Pikachu are trapped forever on Alpha Sapphire.

I've also been watching an LP of Resident Evil 7.  It's kind of weird watching it, so far I have the "Silent Hill 4" feeling in that, it doesn't look like a bad game per se, but I have to wonder if they should have let it be its own thing rather than trying to call it a Resident Evil game.  Maybe it starts feeling more RE-ish later on?  But so far, it's reminding me more of something like Outlast.  I'm not getting any RE vibes.

We also have the reveal of the Switch.  I'm cautiously optimistic, though disappointed that they're going to a paid online service.  I mean, sure, I can't do much online gaming anyway, but does this mean I'll have to pay for Pokémon trades and battles from now on if Pokémon Stars Version indeed becomes a thing for the Switch as rumors predict?  

Admittedly both the games I was really hoping to hear about were just "rumor" games, that and the rumored Switch port of Smash Bros.  I know a lot of fan rumors are suggesting that's why we haven't gotten the Cloud, Corrin, or Bayonetta amiibos yet, it would seem to make sense, maybe we'll even get more characters?  Dare I hope for Wolf and Ice Climbers to return, maybe Inklings and Shovel Knight getting in...?

Anyway, site updates time yo :

- The 2016 updates have all been moved to the Archives page.

- The Projects page has been updated a bit, a few projects moved around here and there and such.  I removed the IWBTG projects for now, I MAY do them sometime, but I don't have as much fervor for those games as I used to.  I also put further official Touhou projects on the "probably not" list.  For one thing, I'm not really that good at the games overall, I have fun playing them, but Imperishable Night is the only one I've really gotten that far with.  More to the point though, I don't really like having to leave the endings out to appease fans since apparently it's said that ZUN doesn't like LPers showing the game endings, so all told, I'd probably rather not do more of those.  I just don't really like leaving a project feeling incomplete like that if I can help it.

- The Library page has been updated with a couple of games I recently managed to get my hands on for the Wii U : Pokken Tournament and Bayonetta 1 and 2.  I also got Tokyo Jungle on the PS3.  Also got a Turbo Charge Donkey Kong amiibo, though it hasn't quite arrived here yet.  Hopefully soon though.

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 7 new images.  My thanks to everyone who sent in new work!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My thanks for your continued interest and support!