A few sites of interest that I often visit.

YouTube Channels :

Kittah4 - Kit's channel.  He's done speedruns of a lot of Mega Man stages, and the occasional LP.  He's more or less gotten out of making videos, but the ones he has up are still worth a watch

PinkKittyRose - Pink's channel.  She does LPs with written commentary.  She also does streaming broadcasts sometimes on TwitchTV, though her work schedule makes these less frequent or solidly scheduled than they used to be.

ProtonJonSA - Proton Jon's channel.  He was the first LPer I ever saw, thus I credit him highly with my initial interest and drive to get into making videos.  His updates these days are alas rather sporadic, but I still enjoy his style.

TheRunawayGuys - A collaborative gaming channel started by ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and Chuggaaconroy.  They play a lot of different games together, and sometimes feature special guests.

raocow - Raocow's channel.  He was one of the first LPers I ever watched, and thus, is a major inspiration for my getting into making videos.  His LPs have a fun, non-sequitor way of thought that is just highly entertaining.

Friends / Blogs :

Ask Roahm Mythril - My personal Tumblr.  Feel free to ask me stuff!

Roahm's "Who's That Pokémon?" - My secondary Tumblr.  I don't answer questions on this one though, this is purely a place where I'm posting the reasons behind the names of my various Pokémon.

The Pink Rose Garden - Pink's main site.  This site details various projects she's working on, as well as comprehensive lists of all her videos, organized into nice, tidy playlists.  Quite nicely made!  There's also a forum here, which also has a subsection run by Shagg, as well as my own forum section!

Pink's Q&A Blog - Pink's Tumblr.  Feel free to ask the cat!

The Corner of Neo/GandWatch - Neo's Tumblr.  A good friend who has sent in a lot of art, and helps with title cards for a lot of my projects, Neo posts a lot of his artwork here.  Check it out!

Game Related :

GameFAQs - The go-to source for answers to gaming questions.

OverClocked ReMix - A community site of remixed video game music.

VGMusic - An archive of video game music in midi format.

Serebii.net - A wealth of information about the Pokémon series.

Bulbapedia - A Pokémon Wiki.

KOEI Warriors - A site mainly dedicated to Koei's Warriors games, but covers a few other games as well, such as Capcom's Sengoku Basara.

The Mega Man Knowledge Base - A Mega Man Wiki.  This is where I get things like enemy names.

Sprites INC - A source of Mega Man sprites.

The Mega Man Gallery - A source of official Mega Man artwork.  Alas, incomplete, it features nothing from Battle Network 6, and not all that much from 5, either.

The Silent Hill Wiki - Exactly what it says on the label, a Wiki about Silent Hill.

Touhou Wiki - Again, a Wiki, this one detailing the Touhou series of games.