Erm... any advice here might be nice...

A few years back, I tried to open up the option of taking commissions for artwork.  However, it never really went anywhere.  I have heard from a few artists that actually told me I was charging too little, and in truth, it certainly wasn't covering expenses at all.

My original prices were as follows :

Pencil Sketch : $1 per character
Inked & Cleaned : $2 per character
Pencil Shading : $3 per character
Full Color : $5 per character

I had a limit of six characters per drawing, and as a rule, didn't do scenery, as I'm more of a character artist.

If any artists out there happen to see this and could give me some good, solid advice, please contact me, I could really use help on this.

For now, commissions are closed until I get this a bit more ironed out.