My thanks to all who have sent in such work.  It is much appreciated.

Since I started making videos on YouTube, a lot of people who have seen them have sent in fan art.  Earlier on, I displayed them in videos, but overall due to many sources of issues, it was better served to just display it all here on the site.  Thus, I have given the fan art its own gallery, organized by artist.  Please enjoy and feel free to look around.  If you'd like to send in fan art, please e-mail it to  If you're looking for my own art, please check the Gallery button under the Art menu.


1. Please bear in mind, the Fan Art Gallery is not meant as a catch-all gallery like DeviantArt.  I'm trying to make this a bit more hard and fast of a rule from here on in.  While a piece of art may be good, that doesn't automatically make it fan art.  I'm not trying to be conceited, but fan art for me should have something to do with me and my work, after all.

2. Please make certain to post what name you wish to go by in the e-mail when you send in a submission.  This includes even if you have sent in work before.  Bear in mind, you're not the only one that sends things in, and with as many different screen names as some people use, it gets really hard to keep it all straight.  Just giving your name when you send something in spares me having to hunt through all my old e-mails to find your name.

3. Coppermine is a bit fussy about submitted work.  Thus, try to keep submitted work under 2000 x 2000 pixels in dimension, and less than 1 MB in file size.  Formats are also an issue.  Please try to stick to PNG, GIF, or JPG.  After the recent "upgrade," BMP images are no longer valid for submissions.

4. Do not steal the work of others.  This should go without saying.

5. Please don't send anything dealing with Mega Man X.  While I appreciated the jokes about him, others did not, and I got tired of the drama caused by it.

Please make sure to follow these rules.  They make things a lot easier on me when doing site updates.  Fan art sent in from this point on that does not follow these rules WILL NOT BE POSTED!

Latest Updates:

12/31/2023 - 3 new images have been added.  Thanks to the artists!

Added in this update :

JellyBellyRlz ---------------- 1 pic

JokerTheHedgehog --------- 1 pic

Jon Causith ------------------ 1 pic