Here are some questions specifically about my videos.


Q1 : What got you to start making videos?

Q2 : What programs do you use to make your videos?

Q3 : What emulators do you use for your videos?

Q4 : What settings do you use for CamStudio and your codec?

Q5 : Will you ever Perfect Run / LP the X / Zero / ZX / Legends series?

Q6 : Will you ever play (insert game here)?

Q7 : Please don't play (insert game here).

Q8 : Will you do a collaborative project with me?

Q9 : Where can I get emulators?

Q10 : Where can I get roms?

Q11 : How do I do this in this game?

Q12 : When will the next video be out?

Q13 : Have you heard of Rockman 2 NETA?

Q14 : Why don't you subscribe to more people on YouTube?

Q15 : How did you meet Kit, Shagg, and Pink?

Q16 : What were your difficulty ratings for the Perfect Run vids?

Q17 : Will you advertise me and my channel?

Q18 : Do you script your videos?

Q19 : Have you thought about doing streaming sessions?

Q20 : Will you watch my video and tell me what you thought?

Q21 : Will you Perfect Run the 8 bit remakes of MM7 / MM8?

Q22 : Will there be more videos for the REVENGE!!! game?

Q23 : Why do some of your videos have ads on them?


Q1 : What got you to start making videos?

A: I first got into Let's Play videos by watching the work of ProtonJonSA and Raocow.  I was introduced to both of these by my friend Kit.  Soon after, Shagg started making videos of his own.  It seemed like an interesting thing, so I thought about it for quite awhile.  I thought it would be fun to start by playing one of my all time favorite games, Mega Man.  However, I wanted to try challenging myself with it.  I always liked coming up with various rules for myself while playing the games.  Thus, I decided to start by going through all the robot master stages with only the Mega Buster, and taking no damage.  I've enjoyed making videos ever since then, and will continue to do so as long as I still enjoy doing so.

Q2 : What programs do you use to make your videos?

A: For actual recording, I use CamStudio.  It's a freeware program, and it takes some experimentation, but it does everything I need it to do.  I use the DivX codec in conjunction with this in order to get a good balance of quality and filesize.  For video editing, I use Windows Movie Maker.  It comes packed in with most versions of Windows.  If I need to record sound effects or such, I use Wavepad Sound Editor.  For title cards, I use PhotoImpact.  It's made by Ulead, and came free with an old scanner.  This is also what I use for animations such as my difficulty ratings, it's merely a series of undo commands to make it look like animation.

Q3 : What emulators do you use for your videos?

A: For the NES, I use FCE Ultra.  I used to use Nestopia, but somewhere along the line, it started having weird audio glitches while recording.  For Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, I use Visual Boy Advance.  If there is a need for me to link two GBA games, such as the Megaman Battle Network games, I use an offshoot program, VBA Link.  For SNES, I use Zsnes.  For the PS1, I use ePSXe.  I used to use PSXfin, but this gave me severe problems while doing my Mega Man 8 Perfect Run videos.  Oddly enough, I've heard that it is a frequent occurrence for people who try PS1 emulation that, whichever of these they try first, it will fail, and then the second one will work better.  For the Sega Genesis, I use Kega Fusion.  I do have other emulators, such as Desmume for Nintendo DS, and Oswan for the Wonderswan, though I have not yet recorded anything from them.  For actual console gaming, such as the Wii or the PS2, I actually use a USB device known as the Adaptec Gamebridge.  It allows you to hook up a console directly to your PC, letting you see the game footage on your monitor.  I then record it via CamStudio as normal.

Q4 : What settings do you use for CamStudio and your codec?

A: This one's a rather detailed answer, so here we go!

Video Options :

DivX 6.8.5 Codec (2 Logical CPUs)

Quality 100

Set Key Frames Every 200 frames

Capture Frames Every 5 milliseconds

Playback Rate 200 frames / second

Time Lapse : Max Framerate


DivX Codec Configuration :

Certification Profile : Unconstrained

Rate Control Mode : 1-pass

Bitrate : 10000 (sometimes I set it as high as 30000 for things like Gamebridge recording to get a better image)

Codec Performance :

Encoding Mode : High Performance

Frame Control : 

Max Keyframe Interval : 2 frames

Keyframe threshold : 50% untracked blocks

Image processing : 

Here I use all defaults, except I set Noise Reduction to Extreme.


Audio Options for Microphone :

Recording Format : 22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit

Compressed Format : CyberLink MPEG 1 Layer-3
22050 Hz, Stereo 8000 Bytes/sec

Interleave Video and Audio : 

Interleave every : 900000 frames

And those I believe are all my important settings ;)

Q5 : Will you ever Perfect Run / LP the X / Zero / ZX / Legends / Starforce series?

A: No, I'm afraid I will not be doing that.  The X series, I'm just not a fan.  I don't think they're bad games, per se, I myself just do not enjoy them.  The setting, the characters, the controls, the endings, just too much about them I dislike.  As such, I'd rather leave LPing them to people who really enjoy them and would have good things to say about them.  I think it serves fans of the series better that way.  Zero, I just don't feel enough of a connection to the series to LP them.  Same for Legends, I just really couldn't get into those.  ZX and Starforce are both out since I cannot record DS footage, the emulators don't work well on my system.  I'll pretty much be solidly sticking to Classic and Battle Network as far as Mega Man goes.

Q6 : Will you play (insert game here)?

A: I'm fairly swamped with projects, and have a good number of things in mind that I plan to record.  However, I'm always interested in trying new games.  Thus, if you have something you'd like to suggest, please feel free to do so.  I may not choose to do it, but I'm always willing to consider things that might be fun to do.

Q7 : Please don't play (insert game here).

A: Well, first of all, that's not a question.  Second, please let me decide what I won't play.  I love games, and if I say I want to play something, then it means on some level I do like it, or think it will be interesting.  Therefore, just because you don't like a game doesn't mean I don't or others don't.  If you don't like me doing a particular game, you can take a break during that one and come back when I'm done ;)

Q8 : Will you do a collaborative project with me?

A: The combination of my busy schedule and my internet connection largely prohibits this one.  I'm generally too busy with my own projects to get involved in trying to plan around doing one with someone else, and even then, my connection makes any kind of online collaboration difficult at best.  Thus, chances are the answer here is probably no, I'm afraid.

Q9 : Where can I get emulators?

A: Try checking out the Emulator Zone.  It has a lot of emulators for various systems.  It's where I got almost all of the emulators that I currently use for my videos.

Q10 : Where can I get roms?

A: Sorry, but I make it a point to not direct others to finding roms.

Q11 : How do I do this in this game?

A: While I'll help if I can, if it's something I know right off, I'm afraid I'm really not a library on all things gaming.  You would probably be better off consulting GameFAQs for your answers.

Q12 : When will the next video be out?

A: Really, the only answer I can give here is they'll be available when they're available.  I do not have a backlog of videos, I just record and upload as I go along.  This means it can take a bit of time for me to make new videos.  This, along with the editing process and my limited times when I can upload due to HughesNet, compound the problem.  So while it may not be the most satisfactory answer, "They're done when they're done" is really all I can say.

Q13 : Have you heard of Rockman 2 NETA?

A: Yes, I have indeed heard of and played this.  I'm quite familiar with it.  I'm just kind of tired of the MM2 bosses by this point, that's why I'm not overly interested in doing anything with it ;)

Q14 : Why don't you subscribe to more people on YouTube?

A: My reason for not subbing to too many channels is due to my connection, mainly.  HughesNet only lets my family of six download a total of 350 MB per day.  If we go over that, we're stuck on speeds worse than dialup for 24 hours.  The only time we can freely upload or download is from 1 AM to 6 AM.  Therefore, I can't really watch too many videos.  I'm basically just subbed to my close friends, a couple of LPers that inspired me to start making videos, and a select few channels that piqued my interest.

Q15 : How did you meet your friends?

A: I'm including this here in the Gaming FAQ section because I assume my videos are how most people would be wondering how I met my friends.  So here we go!

Kit : I met Kit long ago on America Online, soon after the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in the US.  We met on a message board on the subject, and have been good friends ever since.  

Shagg : I actually met Shagg through Kit.  They had met while playing an online game by the name of Gunbound.  This was how Kit first joined the CoatPockets group.  I was sort of on the fringe of the group, mainly having contact with them through Kit, though occasionally I would talk with Shagg.  While the original CoatPockets group more or less fell apart over time, our current group formed, and Shagg and I talk more often.  

Pink : I actually met her once I started posting videos on YouTube.  She found my videos and we ended up having discussions about games, and became good friends since then.

Zac : Zac messaged me during my second year on YouTube, while I was working on the Silent Hill 2 project.  We struck up a conversation, and we've talked ever since.

Chompie / Cutman Mike / Don / Bandanastan / ArkReaver : Largely I know them through Skype, basically they started playing online games with the others, and I met them all through that, listening to them on Skype and such.  It makes me happy to be able to hang out with everyone though, so long as HughesNet permits.

Q16 : What were your difficulty ratings for the Perfect Run vids?

A: I really need to overhaul this, maybe give these their own page...  For now though, I'll just try to keep track of them all here as I finish them.  Keep in mind, these ratings are based on the concept of the Perfect Run, which is to say, buster only, no damage.

MM1 :

Cut Man: 1/10

Guts Man: 3/10

Ice Man: 6/10

Bomb Man: 1/10

Fire Man: 5/10

Elec Man: 9/10 (demoted to 6/10 after Revenge vid)

Dr. Wily 1 (Yellow Devil): 4/10

Dr. Wily 2 (Copy Robot): 6/10

Dr. Wily 3 (CWU-01P): 10/10

Dr. Wily 4 (Wily Machine 1): 6/10


MM2 :

Quick Man: 10/10

Wood Man: 4/10

Crash Man: 2/10

Flash Man: 2/10

Metal Man: 3/10

Heat Man: 4/10

Bubble Man: 4/10

Air Man: 8/10

Skull Castle 1 (Mecha Dragon): 2/10

Skull Castle 2 (PicoPico Master): 2/10

Skull Castle 3 (Guts Dozer): 3/10

Skull Castle 4 (Buebeam Trap): 9/10

Skull Castle 5 (Robot Master Rematches / Wily Machine 2): 10/10

Skull Castle 6 (Alien): 1/10


MM3 :

Magnet Man: 2/10
Gemini Man: 6/10

Hard Man: 5/10

Spark Man: 8/10

Snake Man: 1/10

Needle Man: 10/10

Top Man: 1/10

Shadow Man: 9/10

Needle Man Revisited (Doc Air / Crash): 6/10

Shadow Man Revisited (Doc Wood / Heat): 10/10

Gemini Man Revisited (Doc Flash / Bubble): 7/10

Spark Man Revisited (Doc Metal / Quick): 10/10

Break Man: 1/10

Skull Castle 1 (Kamegoro Maker): 1/10

Skull Castle 2 (Yellow Devil Mk II): 2/10

Skull Castle 3 (Holograph Mega Mans): 9/10

Skull Castle 4 (Robot Master Rematches): 10/10

Skull Castle 5 (Wily Machine 3): 3/10

Skull Castle 6 (Gamma): 1/10


MM Wily Wars :

Hyper Storm H: 1/10

Mega Water S: 4/10

Buster Rod G: 8/10

Wily Tower 1 (Fire Snakey): 1/10

Wily Tower 2 (Iron Ball): 6/10

Wily Tower 3 (Buster Rod G Rematch): 2/10

Wily Tower 4 (Wily Machine): 4/10


MM4 :

Bright Man: 10/10 (Revenge method still tricky, keeps his rank)

Dust Man: 3/10

Drill Man: 7/10

Toad Man: 1/10

Pharaoh Man: 8/10

Ring Man: 9/10

Dive Man: 2/10

Skull Man: 3/10

Cossack Citadel 1 (Mothraya): 3/10

Cossack Citadel 2 (Square Machine): 1/10

Cossack Citadel 3 (Cockroach Twins): 2/10 (upped to 7.  Saw jump...)

Cossack Citadel 4 (Cossack Catcher): 2/10

Skull Castle 1 (Met Daddy): 5/10

Skull Castle 2 (Tako Trash): 1/10

Skull Castle 3 (Robot Master Rematches / Wily Machine 4): 10/10

Skull Castle 4 (Wily Capsule): 2/10


MM5 :

Napalm Man: 3/10

Gyro Man: 3/10

Star Man: 4/10

Wave Man: 6/10

Charge Man: 6/10 (demoted to 3/10 after Revenge vid)

Stone Man: 2/10

Gravity Man: 2/10

Crystal Man: 5/10

Proto Man's Castle 1 (Dark Man 1): 2/10

Proto Man's Castle 2 (Dark Man 2): 3/10

Proto Man's Castle 3 (Dark Man 3): 3/10

Proto Man's Castle 4 (Dark Man 4): 1/10

Skull Castle 1 (Big Pets): 4/10

Skull Castle 2 (Circring Q9): 3/10

Skull Castle 3 (Robot Master Rematches / Wily Press): 5/10

Skull Castle 4 (Wily Machine 5 / Wily Capsule): 2/10



Mercury: 2/10

Venus: 2/10

Mars: 3/10

Neptune: 3/10

Dark Moon: 1/10

Pluto: 6/10

Uranus: 8/10

Saturn: 4/10

Jupiter: 5/10

Terra: 2/10

Wily Star (Skull Blazer): 4/10

Mega Man Killers: 2/10

Stardroids Rematch: 4/10

Dr. Wily (L.Knuckle, R.Knuckle, Brain Crusher): 5/10

Sunstar: 7/10


MM6 :

Plant Man: 4/10

Blizzard Man: 2/10

Wind Man: 5/10

Flame Man: 5/10

Tomahawk Man: 2/10

Centaur Man: 3/10

Knight Man: 1/10

Yamato Man: 4/10

Mr. X's Castle 1 (Rounder 2): 1/10

Mr. X's Castle 2 (Power Piston): 5/10

Mr. X's Castle 3 (Mettonger Z): 4/10

Mr. X's Castle 4 (X Crusher): 3/10

Skull Castle 1 (Mechazaurus): 2/10

Skull Castle 2 (Tank-CS2): 1/10

Skull Castle 3 (Robot Master Rematches): 7/10

Skull Castle 4 (Wily Machine 6 / Wily Capsule): 1/10


MM7 :

Wrecked City (Mad Grinder, Bass): 1/10

Burst Man: 2/10

Cloud Man: 4/10

Freeze Man: 4/10

Junk Man: 3/10

Robot Museum (Mash): 1/10

Turbo Man: 6/10

Spring Man: 1/10

Slash Man: 10/10

Shade Man: 1/10

Shade Man (Proto Man path): 2/10



Uncharted Isle (Claw Crab): 2/10

Frost Man: 2/10

Grenade Man: 6/10

Clown Man: 3/10

Tengu Man: 2/10

Duo: 1/10

Astro Man: 2/10

Sword Man: 4/10

Aqua Man: 7/10

Search Man: 3/10



Robot Museum (Green Devil): 4/10

Cold Man: 2/10

Astro Man: 5/10

Ground Man: 6/10

Magic Man: 2/10

Tengu Man: 10/10

Dynamo Man: 6/10

Pirate Man: 2/10

Burner Man: 10/10



Splash Woman: 2/10

Magma Man: 6/10

Galaxy Man: 1/10

Tornado Man: 3/10

Concrete Man: 3/10

Jewel Man: 6/10

Hornet Man: 3/10

Plug Man: 8/10

Fake Man: 8/10


MM Powered Up:

Proto Eye: 1/10

Fire Man: 5/10

Ice Man: 4/10

Cut Man: 2/10

Guts Man: 2/10

Bomb Man: 1/10

Elec Man: 7/10

Oil Man: 2/10

Time Man: 7/10



Solar Man: 2/10

Sheep Man: 3/10

Commando Man: 5/10

Pump Man: 2/10

Strike Man: 7/10

Nitro Man: 4/10

Chill Man: 3/10

Blade Man: 1/10

Enker: 7/10

Punk: 3/10

Ballade: 2/10



Ice Nezumi: 1/10

Smoke Nezumi: 3/10

Milky Nezumi: 1/10

Delay Nezumi: 5/10

Usagi: 2/10

Butter Nezumi: 3/10

Wave Nezumi: 3/10

Dragon Nezumi: 7/10 (demoted to 5 after finding blind spot)

Gyoniku Complex 1 (Octopus): 1/10

Gyoniku Complex 2 (Dango): 3/10

Gyoniku Complex 3 (Maneki Neko): 5/10

Gyoniku Complex 4 (Dr. Gyoniku): 8/10

Gyoniku Complex 5 (Gyoniku "Machine"): 1/10

Special Stage: 2/10


Q17 : Will you advertise me and my channel?


A: I'm afraid I have to be a bit sparing on this one.  My concern is, if I do it for one person, I have to do it for everyone, and then it turns into the situation I had with my fan art videos, where I didn't have time to do anything else basically.  Thus, I'm afraid I reserve this for close friends such as Kit, Shagg, and Pink, or for advertisements of a good cause, such as NorthWoodsNightWolf's charity gaming marathons.  I do however wish you well, and encourage you to have fun with your channel, and I wish you good luck and success!


Q18 : Do you script your videos?


A: Not entirely.  At most, I will sometimes write scripts for some parts like the difficulty analysis on the Perfect Runs, just so I can get that portion quickly filmed and not keep tripping over what I'm trying to say.  The actual gameplay parts of my videos are not scripted.  I might get something in mind that I definitively want to be sure to mention, such as enemy names or a nostalgic memory of a game, but I don't actually have a written out script.


Q19 : Have you thought about doing streaming sessions?


A: Well, first and foremost, I can't do streaming due to my connection.  There's no real way for me to do it due to the inherent lag of satellite broadband.  Even if I had it, I'm not quite sure what I'd do to be honest.


Q20 : Will you watch my video and tell me what you thought?


A: This too is largely limited by my internet connection.  My family of six only had 350 MB total per day.  If we go over that, we get stuck on speeds worse than dialup for 24 hours.  The only time we can freely upload or download things without worry is from 1 AM to 6 AM.  Usually, I have plans for this time period.  Therefore, I can't always watch every video I'd like to, no matter how much I'd really like to.


Q21 : Will you Perfect Run the 8 bit remakes of MM7 / MM8?


A: While I like the 8 bit visual style, I'm not really sure if there's a particular reason to do this.  I may consider it in the far future if I have nothing better to do at the time and am really hungry for a Mega Man game.  However, the MM8 8 bit remake is going to need a lot of work.  It's still in beta stages from what I gather, and the bosses are programmed pretty poorly.  Most notably, Frost Man and Aqua Man (?!) make the ground shake when they jump, Astro Man's Astro Crush no longer has the safe spot it's supposed to have, and Tengu Man's Tornado Hold cannot seem to be dodged from what I've played.


Q22 : Will there be more videos of the REVENGE!!! game?


A: This is unlikely.  The creator, JUN0TheF0X, isn't working on more of it as far as I know.  I'm guessing there were technical difficulties, or he just lost interest in the project.  After the last version he made of it, his computer went boom.  He asked for the assets I had, and I sent them to him, but no further updates ever happened.


Q23 : Why do some of your videos have ads on them?


A: Basically, it's due to YouTube's content ID system.  Some of my older videos hit it in such a way that they got silenced, the system was a lot more annoying in those days.  If such would happen, I'd have to remove the vid, re-edit it to remove the music that caused the problem, then re-upload it.  The ones that hit content ID matches now, it usually just puts an ad on the side, but leaves the video playable and doesn't penalize my account. 

For now, this is all I can think of to put here.  As more questions come in, I'll add them here.