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Recent Updates :

1/02/2022 - Oh hey, I got the year right!  And the updates are empty, cleared out to the archives as one does.

Looking back over last year's updates... oof.  It was rather upsetting seeing just how many of them were "deep depression and overwhelming stress."  2021, especially the back half of it, was rough...  I'm at least mostly feeling better, though a) I'm still not any closer to getting my wisdom teeth out, and b) our AC is out, it's only by the grace of a cold front that came through today that my room is currently comfortable enough to work on things.  Woo things breaking down, we also just had to replace our washing machine o.o;

The holidays were at least nice other than the AC breaking down, and I got a nice nifty Silent Hill shirt now, so that's cool.  I am hoping things calm down enough / we can get the AC working again soon to be able to get back to work on things, including getting Battle Network 5 up and running again.  I was going to wait until after the wisdom teeth stuff, but that was when I thought my insurance was in order, which.... no idea where we are on that right now.  The burnout is at least better now and I feel more up to working on things, now I just have to avoid melting in my room.

So now for updates, yo :

- The Archives have been updated with all of last year's update logs.

- The Library has been updated with a lot of new games, between Christmas goodies and an eShop giveaway I managed to catch.  Special shoutout to Zwatakea for gifting me the original Five Nights at Freddy's on Steam!

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with three new pieces.  My thanks to the fan artists!