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Recent Updates :

1/31/2023 - Hey, guess who almost forgot they needed to archive the last year's updates tonight!  Thankfully remembered in time.

So sadly, Tooth Drama continues.  I had my appointment on the 30th, but all they did was check my existing tooth where the crown fell off, say that it didn't have any cavities so they could just cement the existing crown back into place... and then sent me away.  Rather than just take care of what sounds like it should just be a quick, easy procedure, I had to make ANOTHER appointment, and will be going back NEXT Monday.  Durgon is... very frustrated.

Life meanwhile has been the usual level of chaos.  Difficulties going on in the lives of friends, which at least some of those have lessened at least a little?  But still a lot going on.  And of course, episodes with my cousin.  It hasn't been easy, just trying my best to get things done where I can.  At least it seems like folks have been enjoying the Durgon One-Off videos, so that's cool.

With that, time for updates yo.

- The Archives have been updated with last year's log of updates.

- The Library has been updated with some new games, shout out to Kit for his donations of Pizza Tower, Brotato, and Luck be a Landlord!

- The Fan Art gallery has been updated with 2 new woks from Jon Causith.  As always my thanks!

- The Patreon page has been updated with all new backers.  My eternal gratitude for your continued support!