A few sites of interest that I often visit.

YouTube Channels :

Kittah4 - Kit's channel.  He's done speedruns of a lot of Mega Man stages, and the occasional LP.  He's more or less gotten out of making videos, but the ones he has up are still worth a watch

PinkKittyRose - Pink's channel.  These days she mostly does livestreams via Twitch however.

ProtonJonSA - Proton Jon's channel.  He was the first LPer I ever saw, thus I credit him highly with my initial interest and drive to get into making videos.  His updates these days are alas rather sporadic, but I still enjoy his style.

TheRunawayGuys - A collaborative gaming channel started by ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and Chuggaaconroy.  They play a lot of different games together, and sometimes feature special guests.

raocow - Raocow's channel.  He was one of the first LPers I ever watched, and thus, is a major inspiration for my getting into making videos.  His LPs have a fun, non-sequitor way of thought that is just highly entertaining.

Friends / Blogs :

Ask Roahm Mythril - My personal Tumblr.  Feel free to ask me stuff!

Roahm's "Who's That Pokémon?" - My secondary Tumblr.  I don't answer questions on this one though, this is purely a place where I'm posting the reasons behind the names of my various Pokémon.

Roahm's Twitter - My Twitter account, I tend to just chat about gaming stuff here, sometimes ask for random gaming questions, or give short updates on things.

Neo's Twitter - The Twitter for my artist friend Neo, he posts a lot of his projects here.

Pink's Twitch Channel - Here's where Pink does most of her livestreaming these days.

Game Related :

GameFAQs - The go-to source for answers to gaming questions.

OverClocked ReMix - A community site of remixed video game music.

VGMusic - An archive of video game music in midi format.

Serebii.net - A wealth of information about the Pokémon series.

Bulbapedia - A Pokémon Wiki.

KOEI Warriors - A site mainly dedicated to Koei's Warriors games, but covers a few other games as well, such as Capcom's Sengoku Basara.

The Mega Man Knowledge Base - A Mega Man Wiki.  This is where I get things like enemy names.

Sprites INC - A source of Mega Man sprites.

The Mega Man Gallery - A source of official Mega Man artwork.  Alas, incomplete, it features nothing from Battle Network 6, and not all that much from 5, either.

The Silent Hill Wiki - Exactly what it says on the label, a Wiki about Silent Hill.

Touhou Wiki - Again, a Wiki, this one detailing the Touhou series of games.