What does the future hold?  I have many ideas...

A frequent question I am asked is "What plans do you have for future projects?"  Thus, I decided to make this page.  It will detail projects I have in mind to do in the future, as well as a list of projects I've already completed.


Pokémon Crystal No Evolutions

Megaman Battle Network 5


(Both are kind of running currently)


For those wondering, projects such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill : Shattered Memories, Jumper 3, and Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem WILL RESUME, it just depends on my having time to do needed research and such.  Bear in mind, it's a one durgon operation, so I only have so much time to work on things each day, but I do intend to return to and finish these projects.



(durgon has plans, but what could they be?!)

Definite Future Projects

Future Projects Under Consideration

Games I Probably Won't LP

Games I'd Consider Streaming (if I had the means to do so)

Completed Projects

Completed Project Details


Definite Future Projects

Street Fighter x Mega Man Perfect Runs

Mega Man Unlimited Perfect Runs

Mega Man Rock Force Perfect Runs

Mega Man Super Fighting Robot Perfect Runs

Megaman Battle Network 5 Team Colonel (secondary from ProtoMan)

Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar (secondary from Falzer)

Silent Hill Shattered Memories (in progress)

Silent Hill Downpour (a little worried about music though)

Warriors Orochi - Getting the Personal Items

Warriors Orochi 2 - Getting the Treasures

Spyro 3 : Year of the Dragon

Pikmin 2 No Deaths Run

Pikmin 3 No Deaths Run

Rokko Chan - Robot Master Perfect Runs

Resident Evil : Director's Cut (in progress)

Blaster Master


Possibly more Castlevania games

Possibly more Metroid games

MegaMari - No Deaths Run


Bucky O'Hare - I was reminded of this game by Zac, I remember liking it.

Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition

Dust : An Elysian Tail

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Amiibo Tourney

Super Metroid - 100% Run

Parasol Stars


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Future Projects Under Consideration


Other Resident Evil games - If I can find where they are

Other Warriors games - If there's interest in me getting rare weapons

Rockman & Forte Challenger from the Future - .....Mmmmmmaybe....

Gimmick - An old NES game, it seems like it could be interesting...

Link to the Past - It is definitely my favorite LoZ game...

Ocarina of Time - ...and this would be my second favorite...

Majora's Mask - ...and this would go well with it.

Seiken Densestu 3 - Possibly, though I've never finished the game, and I'm not sure I could conceivably 100% this one...  These days though, I'd also more likely play the recently released English version via Collection of Mana.

Legend of Mana - I do quite like this game, though it is a pretty lengthy one.

Lemmings 2 : The Tribes - We'll see how things go with the first game.

Mega Pony - A surprisingly good fangame, but I fear the pony drama.

Mega Man : A Day in the Limelight - The games are pretty fun really, but super crash happy on my system.

Spyro : Enter the Dragonfly - The game itself at least has the same spirit as the PS1 trilogy, so it might be worth doing.

Sonic Unleashed - Make of it what you will, but it's probably my favorite Sonic game.


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Games I Probably Won't LP


Mega Man X series - A definite no.  I've made my feelings pretty clear on this one.  The series just never felt right to me.  I'm not saying they're BAD games, per se, I myself just don't enjoy them, so I'd rather leave LPing them to people who actually DO like them.


Mega Man Legends series - I've played the first in this series, and never really could get into it.  It always just kind of felt like Capcom was desperate to make a 3D game in the era where EVERYTHING had to be 3D or the critics would automatically pan the game, and in desperation to have an existing fanbase, they slapped the Mega Man name on it.  It's a series that I think would have fared better if they hadn't tried to tie it into Mega Man.  That comes with an expectation which Legends just didn't meet for me.


Mega Man Zero series - This one's okay, just not something I'd particularly feel up to LPing.


Mega Man ZX series - I've never actually played this series, so I can't judge on my feelings on it.  I just don't really feel too inclined to get them admittedly.


Mega Man Starforce series - I do like the Starforce games, just not really as much as MMBN, the changes to the battle system weren't enjoyable for me personally.  Beyond that, by the time I finish the Battle Network series, I'm probably going to be severely burned out on this sort of game ^_^;


Mega Man Battle Network Operate Shooting Star - Given it's basically a rehash of the original MMBN, I don't see a need to LP it again.  It only has one new scenario, and that's it.  Beyond that, I can't read Japanese.


Mega Man Rocks! - The controls for this game feel really bad to me.  I'm not particularly a fan of WASD controls.  Even then, I can never remember where jump and fire were located.  Beyond that, having watched Raocow playing the full game...  Some of the bosses are pretty cheap.  One seems to fully resist the Mega Buster, and another has a screen attack that can only be stopped with charge shots or his weakness.


Hard Hat games - While interesting games, the main issue here is that the engine for the games has some problems to it, such as the game completely freezing every time the music has to loop.


Final Fantasy, any - The only FF games I've ever played are 7 and 9, and 9 was the only one I really truly enjoyed.  Even then, it would go on WAY too long.  You think an MMBN game takes me too long to record?  This would go on forever.


Minecraft - Beyond seeing what some more creative types have done as finished projects in the game, it just really doesn't appeal to me.  I've never been a fan of sandbox games.  Even Animal Crossing, with as much collecting as there is to be done, usually a major draw for me... it gets boring for me fairly quickly.   The main gameplay of Minecraft just doesn't seem all that major a draw for me.


Cave Story - I've actually played this one on my own time, and it did one of those things I tend to dislike, luring me in with cheerful, happy graphics, and then giving me a kind of depressing story.  So sue me, I didn't like having to kill all the cute bunny people things due to mutations forced on them.


Kingdom Hearts - While I enjoy the games, they are really, REALLY cutscene heavy, so it would be a bloody long project.  I also don't really know how the YouTube Content ID match thing would handle all the Disney music...


Undertale - While I did recently get this game on Switch just for fun, I don't really think it's something I'd want to do as an LP.  Part of it involves factions of the fandom that I've seen that can get toxic over either not voicing the characters, or voicing them in a way that doesn't fit with their personal headcanon.


Mighty No. 9 - I just never felt any excitement for this game during development, and I'm afraid I still don't feel any after seeing actual gameplay.


Further Touhou games - My problem here is a conflict of interests with ZUN.  From what I was told while doing the Imperishable Night LP, ZUN dislikes when people post the endings to the games.  I only found this out after I had recorded the LP and started posting videos, so I had to cut the ending out of the videos.  It was kind of a hollow feeling for me, I dislike leaving such a major part out of the game I'm playing, so I'm not too inclined to do more Touhou LPs unfortunately.


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Games I'd Consider Streaming (if I had the means to do so)


Dead Rising - I enjoy the Dead Rising series, but there's a lot of commercial music in it.


Alan Wake - I absolutely LOVED this game.  Again though, too much commercial music in it to risk doing it on YouTube.


Bioshock - Again, the music is the worry here.  I know a lot of it is period music, so not sure if that would set anything off.


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Completed Projects


Mega Man 1 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man 2 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man 3 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man : The Wily Wars Perfect Runs - Wily Tower Full Game

Mega Man 4 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man 5 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man V Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man 6 Perfect Runs - Full Game

Mega Man 7 Perfect Runs - Robot Masters

Mega Man 8 Perfect Runs - Robot Masters

Mega Man 8 - Collecting the Bolts

Mega Man & Bass Perfect Runs - Robot Masters *

Mega Man & Bass - Completing the Database

Mega Man 9 Perfect Runs - Robot Masters and Special Stage

Mega Man 10 Perfect Runs - Robot Masters and Special Stages *

Mega Man 10 Blind Run

Mega Man Powered Up Perfect Runs - Robot Masters

Mega Man Powered Up - Collecting the Construction Packs

Mega Man Powered Up - Challenge Mode

Street Fighter x Mega Man Blind Run

Megaman Battle Network 1

Megaman Battle Network 2

Megaman Battle Network 3

Megaman Battle Chip Challenge Quick Look

Megaman Battle Network 4

Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation Quick Look

Megaman Network Transmission

Silent Hill 1

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 4 : The Room

Silent Hill 0rigins

Silent Hill Homecoming

Kirby Super Star Arena Single Ability Challenge *

Hudson's Adventure Island III *

Secret of Mana

Metroid 100% Run

Nezumiman Perfect Runs - Full Game

Castlevania : Aria of Sorrow

Imperishable Night

Eternal Darkness : Sanity's Requiem - Blind Run

The Legend of Zelda - Minimalist Run (100%'d after main run)

The Legend of Zelda - 2nd Quest 100% Run

Jumper 3 Blind Run

Mega Man Unlimited Blind Run

Mega Man Rock Force Blind Run

Pokémon Emerald No Evoultions Run

Spyro the Dragon

Shovel Knight Blind Run

Pikmin 1 No Deaths Run

Mega Man : Super Fighting Robot Blind Run

Metroid II : Return of Samus 100% Run

Spyro 2 : Ripto's Rage

Make a Good Mega Man Level 1 Blind Run

Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 Blind Run

Castlevania : Circle of the Moon

Mega Man 11 Blind Run


Pokémon Yellow No Evolutions Run


Zelda II : The Adventure of Link

Mega Man Rock 'n Roll Blind Run

Secret of Evermore

Castlevania II : Simon's Quest - Forced Blind *


Link to the Past Randomizer (coached by PinkKittyRose)

Adventures of Lolo

Quest of Lala Blind Run


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Completed Project Details


MM&B Perfect Runs - I only did Perfect Runs with Mega Man.  However, I teamed up with PinkKittyRose for this, and she did Perfect Runs as Bass on her channel.


MM10 Perfect Runs - Similarly to MM&B, I only did Perfect Runs with Mega Man, whereas Pink did runs with Bass.  Also notable, Robin posted his Easy Mode Proto Man Mr. Perfect run during this time, so all three characters were covered!


Kirby Arena Challenge - This was a collaborative effort between me, Kit, Robin, and Pink.  Each of us did five abilities, and the full results are available as a playlist on my channel.  I did Sword, Ninja, Ice, Yo-yo, and Normal.


Adventure Island III - This originally started as an LP by Kit.  However, it got too stressful for him and he quit.  Robin attempted to pick it up where he left off, but quit after making it through a few more worlds.  I picked it up afterwards and finished the last parts of the game.


Castlevania II - This run had a special rule to it : to test the "Guide Dang It" reputation of the game, I played by limiting myself to only doing things the game told me to do, no outside help, as if I was trying to play it back when the game was originally released, the days before you could just look up a walkthrough.  The "Forced Blind" run was followed by a run where I went for the best ending, finishing the game in less than seven in-game days.


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